Early Learning Matters Week 

Educators and Early Childhood services around the country made their voices heard by showcasing what quality early learning looks like in stunning photos of early learning activities posted on social media during #EarlyLearningMatters Week 1-6 September 2019.

More than fifty federal and state MPs and Senators visited early learning services during the week, to show their support and discover why early learning matters for children, families and the community.

Thank you to all the services, educators and politicians who showed what quality early learning looks like!

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Why #EarlyLearningMatters for children, families and the community

Early learning is the foundation for success

  • In the first five years children’s brains are wired to learn quickly. The foundations for learning, health and behaviour throughout life are laid down. 

  • Intentional play-based activities and social interactions at home and in early learning settings help young children develop the cognitive, social and emotional skills necessary for success in school, career and adult life.

  • Early learning amplifies children’s natural skills and abilities, helps them become confident learners able to thrive and transition well to school and through life.

We have a problem

Currently in Australia, one in five children are developmentally vulnerable when they start school (DET, 2016). That figure is double for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.


Early learning transforms children’s lives

Children who participate in early learning (including playgroup, long daycare, family daycare, preschool and kindergarten) have HALF the rate of vulnerability as children who don’t attend any early learning.