Join us in the first week of September 2019 to showcase why Early Learning Matters!


Think about how you could photograph your favourite early learning activity, provocation or irresistible experience, without identifying children in the photo.

It can show just the set up of the room or activity, or show children engaged without showing their faces - hats are great for hiding faces, or you can just show the children's hands or feet, or take the photo from behind.

  • Add a caption describing it - very short if on Instagram, but you can say more in a facebook image caption or post about what the children are learning through the activity
  • Post with the hashtag #EarlyLearningMatters

Here is some inspiration: see the full album here

ELM Week activities inspiration


Encourage your staff to participate

  • Support your staff who want to take photos of early learning activities
  • Invite staff to take a photograph outside your early learning service with their team

For example:

Armadale_Childcare_Centre_ELM.jpg  E_D_Nth_Ryde_ELM.jpg

       Educators at Armadale Childcare Centre in WA              Educators at Explore & Develop North Ryde, NSW

 1. Post your photos to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with hashtags: #EARLYLearningMatters or #OzEarlyEd  
 2. TAG your local MP if they are on social media

Service Providers

  • Invite local politicians (Federal, State or Local) to visit your services in their electorate
  • Register with the Early Learning Matters Week Coordinator to ensure it's coordinated with all the other politician visits around the country.
  • Help us go beyond our 2018 achievement of 68 Federal politicians visiting services in all states and the ACT

Politician visits ELM Week 2018


Click here to read about our success in 2018  



1) Work with other educators and craft a poster saying "Our Children Matter", or "Early Learning Matters"


2) Involve children in making the message "We Matter" with a range of materials, or paint as a poster. 

 We Matter - photos               We Matter - toys on black

When you take a photo, you could have the children surrounding the message so we don't see their faces, just hands, feet or tops of heads.

We matter - clay balls                    We Matter - sticks

Thanks to Gowrie NSW and Explore & Develop for these great examples!

3) Take a photo and post it to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #EARLYLearningMatters 

Here's a handout explaining it all.