Resources for educators

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How children’s brains learn 

• Harvard University – Everything you need to know about brain architecture
• Harvard University – The brain architecture game

Everyday Learning 

• Early Childhood Australia – Babies as amazing learners, 2012
• Early Childhood Australia – Executive function in the early year, 2012

How early learning settings amplify children’s development  

Early Childhood Australia – Every Child, ECA Feb 2012

Helping children develop social and emotional skills 

• Kids Matter – Developing childrens’ social and emotional skills
• Child and Youth Health SA – Parenting & Child Health database

Quality Education for All: Fostering creative, entrepreneurial, resilient and capable learners

Mitchell Research Institute, April 2016

There is a mismatch between investment and opportunity in early childhood education in Australia. This report shows the extent of the divide in both opportunity and outcome between the poorest and wealthiest communities, between cities and very remote towns, and between children from different cultural backgrounds.

From Best Practices Breakthrough Impacts:  A science-based approach to building a more promising future for young children and families

Harvard Centre for the Developing Child, May 2016

Examines the body of scientific evidence over the last 50 years to give a cutting edge analysis of the best evidence-based approaches to supporting child development in the early years.

Literature review of the impact of early childhood education and care on learning and development                           

Australian Institute for Health and Welfare, September 2015

Early childhood education and care is a key priority for the Australian Government in recognition that ECEC programs play a vital role in the development of Australian children and their preparation for school, and enabling parents to work. This review explores the literature on the complex relationship between attendance at early childhood education and care programs and developmental outcomes for children.