Early Childhood Educators

As an early childhood professional your support is crucial to the success of this campaign.

Educators understand better than anyone how vital quality early learning is for the optimal development of children. It’s frustrating when others don’t feel that same passion and conviction. Early Learning Everyone Benefits provides new communication tools and language to help you share why early learning is so beneficial—for children, families, whole communities and the nation.

In this video, respected elder Aunty Denise Proud shares how she learnt to ‘walk in the white man’s world’ and applied the insights she gained from her mother to early childhood education.

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Early learning and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children


Early learning plays a crucial role in reducing the high levels of vulnerability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. To find out more see:

• Connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to their culture 
• Understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child rearing practices




Articles for educators

ELEB-article-thumb-childbuild.pngOn ‘Being’ and ‘Becoming’: The economic benefits of early learning by Sam Page

To succeed in getting politicians and economic advisors to see the true value of quality early learning, as a sector we will need to engage services and educators to talk to families with persuasive arguments about the value of early learning.

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Building children’s brains—why children need rich learning environments by Judy Radich

When educators are actively involved with children as they interact and play they are able to respond quickly, acknowledge effort and prompt and extend children’s thinking, knowledge and vocabulary.

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