Early Childhood Educator Toolkit

These resources are designed to help you communicate the benefits of early childhood education. Most were created especially for Australia by the FrameWorks Institute as part of a collaborative research project coordinated by the Centre for Community Child Health at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. Their Strategic Communication Tools page is worth investigating.

How to use these resources

  • Before using the resources on this page, read the introduction on the FrameWorks Institute Toolkit page, then scroll down to the "What is Strategic Framing" section.
  • Read the short article on Promoting Productive Public Conversations About Early Child Development and Care: An Introduction to Strategically Reframing Public Communications.
  • The presentations below show how we are incorporating the FrameWorks approach and resources into communicating the benefits of early learning for the campaign.
  • You can see these explanatory metaphors in action in articles in our Families and Educators sections.

Presentations and Workshops

  • Communicating the benefits of early learning – presentation to download (note-page format)

    Conference presentation - Centre for Community Child Health & Everyone Benefits Campaign May 2017 [pdf]

          - 30 minute presentation November 2016 [pdf]

          - Workshop presentation May 2016 [pdf]

FrameWorks Explanatory Metaphors and Values

  • These framing tools have been developed to help early childhood advocates develop written and spoken materials and messages. 
  • Before you compile hand-outs for parents, newsletters, submissions to government, write letters to the editor or give talks about the value of quality early learning, review the values and metaphors in the cards and videos and incorporate them into your communication.
Reframe_Card_Template_Amplifier-1.png Reframe_Card_Template_Brain_Architecture-1.png Reframe_Card_Template_CollectProsp-1.png
Reframe_Card_Template_Serve_Return-1.png Reframe_Card_Template_Toxic_Stress-1.png Reframe_Card_Template_Weaving_Skills_Ropes.png


Educational videos


Insights into effective communication about early childhood development 
Watch the video by the FrameWorks Institute based on their Australian research.




Building Better 
Brains animation
Telling a story about what children need for optimal brain development, using Brain Architecture, Serve and Return, Toxic Stress metaphors.



Weaving Skills Ropes animation
A visual explanation of how children learn social, emotional and cognitive skills in the same way that the strands of a rope are twined together for strength.