The first and most important impact on every child’s early development are their parents. A nurturing and caring home environment with adults who provide stable emotional support and care lays the foundation for children’s development.

Children are born wired to learn, their brains are at their most active with 90 per cent of brain development occurring in the first three years. These early years can unleash a lifetime of potential.

Read these practical and enlightening stories about what parents can do to support their children’s earliest development. Each article provides new insights, tips and a list of links for further reading.

Articles for families 

Article-thumb-father-kid.pngHow to create a nurturing home environment by Judy Radich

'How much will this baby change how we live our lives?’ wonder many expectant parents.
‘Enormously’ is the only true answer—but there is much guidance on what parents need to do to create the most nurturing home environment for their developing child.
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Resources for families  

Article-thumb-rad.pngReading to your child

• Raising Children Network – Reading and Storytelling with Babies and Children
• Let’s Read – Reading tips and tools
• Let’s Read – Reading with young children
• Too Small to Fail – Reading aloud with children for learning and fun

Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families


Access to early learning is especially important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, because two out of five indigenous children are developmentally vulnerable when they start school.

Information provided by SNAICC The Secretariat for National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care.

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How families can get involved: