Resources for families

We invite you to join a new national campaign called Early Learning: Everyone Benefits with thousands of other early childhood, research, community and parenting organisations. 

Download: Everyone Benefits flyer for parents 

How to create a nurturing home environment for learning 

• Early Childhood Australia – 2015: Belonging – at the heart of relating to others
• Early Childhood Australia – 2011: Responding  to your child’s emotional needs
• Early Childhood Australia – 2011: Making the most of your environment
• Raising Children Network – Relationships and Child Development
• The Benevolent Society – Resilient Practice Framework Guide 2: Secure & Stable Relationships

Smiling is learning 

• Watch this video on how the early learning method ‘serve and return’ works
• Raising Children Network – Connecting with Newborns
• Too Small To Fail – How does your baby communicate?
• Raising Children Network – Playing Peek-a-boo
• Zero to Three – How to support your child’s communication skills

Reading to your child

• Raising Children Network – Reading and Storytelling with Babies and Children
• Let’s Read – Reading tips and tools
• Let’s Read – Reading with young children
• Too Small to Fail – Reading aloud with children for learning and fun