Tell your local MP: ‘Don’t fudge early childhood’

On October 17th the Early Learning Everyone Benefits campaign delivered these colourful boxes filled with fudge to all 266 federal MPs and Senators, to get their attention regarding the importance of early childhood and access to quality early learning for the well being of all Australians.

To help keep early childhood issues top of political minds, we invite you to contact your locally elected representative/s.

It’s easy and fun to make fudge and send it to your local MP!

Just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Who are my local MPs and Senators?

Find out who your local federal MP is at the AEC website here.

Get contact details and mailing labels for your MP and Senators here.

Step 2: Download letter and factsheet

You can download our letter template and add your own key points, including an invitation for the MP or Senator(s) to visit your centre, or request a meeting in their electoral office.

MP’s generally enjoy opportunities to meet their constituents, so make sure that the meeting includes parents and community members who support your service and access to quality early learning.

Make sure you also download the factsheet here.

Step 3: Make your own fudge

You can download this easy to make fudge recipe, and invite parents to help make fudge for your local politicians.

If you want to make a sugar-free alternative, try one of these yummy sugar-free treats.

Step 4: Download and print the ‘Don’t fudge early childhood’ box

Download our distinctive and colourful box – take it to a quick copy centre on a memory stick to copy onto thin white card

Step 5:  Cut out and fold boxes and pack your fudge

You can create community engagement with this activity by inviting your committee members and parents to help fold and pack your boxes.

Have fun and let your local politicians feel welcome so that they can see for themselves the benefits of quality early learning for children and families in their electorate.