Get Involved | 2019 Federal Election

With a Federal Election due to be called soon and held before the end of May, the first half of 2019 is a crucial time to make sure the voices of early childhood advocates are heard by our local sitting members of parliament and candidates registering to contest seats.

What we are doing

  • Asking  all political parties to adopt these policies:
  1. Develop a cross-portfolio ‘Early Years Strategy’ to recognise the importance of early childhood development and early learning across home, community and early childhood settings.
  2. Children have the right to access at least two days per week of quality early childhood education, irrespective of their parents’ workforce participation or other activity.
  3. Provide a long-term funding commitment for universal access to quality early childhood education and care (kindergarten/preschool programs) in the year before school.
  4. Extend universal access to two years before school.
  5. Commit to strategies to increase access to quality early learning programs for children at risk of educational disadvantagewith particular attention to the need for appropriate service models for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and rural/remote communities.
  6. Commit to quality improvement through ongoing funding of the National Quality Framework.
  7. Commit funding to workforce development strategies to address capacity and quality issues.
  • Sending a Candidate Survey to registered candidates - Coalition, Labor, Green, key independent 

  • Holding a National Early Childhood Election Forum- stay tuned for details of location, date and live streaming 

What you can do

  • Download and share our handout on how to Show Early Learning Matters this election
  • Write to or call your MP and invite them to fill in our Candidate Survey - use this handy email template
  • Include our Political Briefing - as a link or attachment
    • Check here to find out if you live or work in one of our 25 targeted seats
      • Download the Electorate Kit for your seat
      • Write to your local MP and candidates using our email, Twitter and Facebook templates
      • Ask friends, colleagues and family to help you - it's more fun to do together
    • To find your Federal MP:
      1. go to Australian Parliament House site -
      2. type in your postcode (name of MP or electorate), hit return
         A page will come up with your local MP’s picture, name, seat, state, position, party
         and in most cases how you can connect with them—by Facebook, Twitter, contact form or email.


  • Take a photograph outside your early learning service with your team (with the permission of your service)
       1. Post your photos to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #EARLYLearningMatters #VOTEforChildren
       2. TAG your MP if they are on social media

    Armadale_Childcare_Centre_ELM.jpg  E_D_Nth_Ryde_ELM.jpg

       Educators at Armadale Childcare Centre in WA              Educators at Explore & Develop North Ryde, NSW