Get Involved | 2019 Federal Election

Come to the National Early Childhood Election Forum

Thursday 2 May, 2019       6:00 - 8:00pm


BOOK NOW - to attend at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne or

                      via Facebook Livestream


Your chance to hear from and question Early Childhood spokespeople from the major parties on their policies and commitments to children and families.

We call on all political parties and candidates to put children and families first and to:

  1.     Develop an Early Years Strategy - because children matter.

  2.     Give all children TWO days early education a week - because early learning matters.

  3.     Permanently fund Universal Access to early education - because certainty of funding matters.

  4.     Give all children TWO years early education - because early learning matters.

  5.     Make sure First Nations and isolated children get appropriate, high quality early education
        - because early   education matters even more to certain groups of children.

  6.     Fund the National Quality Framework - because the quality of early education children receive matters.

  7.     Fund workforce development - because early educators and teachers matter.

What you can do

  • Give this handout to your colleagues and this version to interested parents.

  • Is your management or committee aware of the campaign? 

  • Talk about the 7 campaign ‘asks' above, why they are important and why your work matters

  • Write to or call your MP and invite them to fill in our Candidate Survey - use this  email template

    • Email your local candidate - find their address here.  Easy instructions here.

    • Include our Politicians Briefing - as a link or attachment

  • SHARE your efforts on Facebook or Twitter!
  • Do you live or work in one of our 25 targeted seats
    • Download the Electorate Kit for your seat
    • Write to your local MP and candidates using our email, Twitter and Facebook templates
    • Ask friends, colleagues and family to help you - it's more fun to do together


1) Work with other educators and craft a poster saying "Our Children Matter", or "Early Learning Matters & we vote!" decorate it,


2) Involve children in making the message "We Matter" with a range of materials, or paint as a poster. 

 We Matter - photos               We Matter - toys on black

3) Take a photo and post it to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #EARLYLearningMatters #OurChildrenMatter

Here's a handout explaining it all.

When you take a photo, you could have the children surrounding the message so we don't see their faces, just hands, feet or tops of heads.

We matter - clay balls                    We Matter - sticks

Thanks to Gowrie NSW and Explore & Develop for these great examples!

4) Take a photo outside your early learning service holding up your "Early Learning Matters" or "Our Children Matter" poster with your team (with the permission of your service)
   1. Post your photos to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with hashtags: #EARLYLearningMatters or #OurCEdhildrenMatter
        #OzEarlyEd   #Election19
   2. TAG your MP if they are on social media

Armadale_Childcare_Centre_ELM.jpg  E_D_Nth_Ryde_ELM.jpg

       Educators at Armadale Childcare Centre in WA              Educators at Explore & Develop North Ryde, NSW