UNSW academic calls for more thoughtful approach to ECEC from governments

Passionate about the value of high quality early learning, UNSW Adjunct Professor Traill said there was a large pool of data and evidence suggesting the value of early childhood education and care (ECEC) learning for children aged two, three and four, especially those  “who come from vulnerable backgrounds. We can make a real difference. There are other countries, including the UK, who do this in a significantly more substantial and high quality way than Australia.” Read more in The Sector, 10 May, 2019


SMH Opinion - Wage rates too low, turn over too high

There is a national workforce shortage reaching crisis point, but there is no point training more educators if they don’t stay in the sector. There is a strong consensus amongst policy experts, quality regulators, employers (large and small alike) on the need to address workforce issues in early childhood education. The question has been how to achieve this without increasing the cost to families - writes Samantha Page, CEO, Early Childhood Australia in the Sydney Morning Herald, 29 April, 2019



Labor's childcare policy a 'bid deal' for families - ABC

New independent modelling claims Labor's $4 billion childcare policy would "substantially" boost Australia's economic growth. ABC Chief Economics Correspondent, Emma Alberici covers the Grattan Institute's report. Full story


Why Labor's childcare policy is 'big economic news' - Grattan Institute

In an election campaign full of giveaways but short on serious economic reform, Labor’s proposed change to childcare support is the most important economic news - writes John Daley, CEO of the Grattan Institute in The Conversation. 6 May 2019


Preschool parents put pressure on politicians


Parent Kerry Martin with her daughter Piper who attends preschool at KU in Sydney

Pressure on the major political parties to provide funding certainty for preschool education programs and reform the childcare activity test that punishes vulnerable children the most is mounting ahead of the federal election with a new alliance of 27 organisations calling for change. Writes Rick Morton, Social Affairs Writer in The Australian  p4 Monday 18 March, 2019