The three main goals of our work are:

  • To have all Australian children benefit from participating in early learning, particularly vulnerable children who will gain the most.
  • To have political parties commit to policies that will support 100 per cent of four year olds and 90 per cent of three year olds to attend early learning for at least two days per week, and for younger children to be able to attend as needed by their families.
  • To change the national conversation on the value of early learning and convince our politicians that supporting attendance in early learning today will increase the future prosperity for all of us. 

Why this campaign is important:

This campaign is about educating the Australian community and politicians about the importance and benefits of early learning.

  • Australia is in the bottom third of countries ranked by the OECD countries for attendance of three year olds in early learning.
  • Participating in quality early learning (birth to five years) can greatly improve young children’s:
    – social and emotional skills
    – physical wellbeing
    – communication and cognitive abilities in literacy and numeracy—up to 13 years later.

 Early Learning Everyone Benefits campaign briefing

Download this two page pdf about why we need the Early Learning: Everyone Benefits campaign, what our goals are and who is involved.


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