Post Election Pledge

Let’s work together to make sure that children are the real winners in the re-elected Turnbull government. We need all our politicians to know that everyone will benefit  if all our children can access quality early learning.

Help us to show the incoming MPs and Senators to see the strength of support for quality affordable early learning for all Australian children:

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  •  I know that quality early learning is the best way to boost child development and increase our future prosperity.
  •  I call on the new Government and Parliament to ensure that every child has access to two days of early learning regardless of their parents’ work or study status.
  • I urge the Government to continue to ensure all children can participate in quality early learning in the year before full-time schooling, and to take steps to extend this to three year olds.
  • I support quality improvements and the full implementation of the National Quality Framework and support early childhood professionals through a funded national early childhood workforce strategy.
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